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Photo of Gary KleinGreetings Gardeners, Black Lake Organic (B.L.O.) has been in operation for over thirty years, ever since Gary Kline, owner, started selling organic fertilizers out of his garage in 1980. Soon after came the early version of our now famous B.L.O. Optimum MixBLOOM fertilizers. Over the years, B.L.O. branched out to become a full line Garden Store having all the products for your organic growing needs and an Organic Nursery specializing in organically grown vegetable starts.  Simply put, B.L.O. has been growing organically since long before the word "organic" came into vogue.

B.L.O., however, does not stop there. We go beyond mere organics by employing a Mineral Augmented Organic (M.A.O.) method in all the plants we sell, including the vegetable starts we offer and in our nursery production. We advocate and teach about using the M.A.O. method in your gardening for nutritionally superior plants and a healthier you. In a word, B.L.O. is about health.

Using M.A.O. results in a superior plant when compared to those grown by ordinary organic methods (and, of course, unbalanced chemically-grown plants). The M.A.O. method results in garden produce that actually has all the vitamins, minerals, and great taste that is lacking in store-bought produce. As a bonus M.A.O. treatment increases internal resistance to pests and diseases in plants and those eating the plants. This has been demonstrated over and over.

Black Lake Organic Garden Store

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