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FlowersWhat is a community? One definition is a group of people living in the same area and under the same government. That doesn’t fit for a group having globally unifying intentions. A second meaning is a group having common interests and likes. While vague, this comes closer to what our Black Lake Organic Membership Community is about. 

True communities are unified by strong ties and a sense of belonging that brings added meaning, enjoyment and moral support to our individual existences. In this case, we have a shared vital interest that is also nearly universal; it centers on health, sustainability, and conviviality and seeks to be expansive or broadly inclusive. 

Start with the fact that everyone likes to eat. We all want to stick around and make our stay more pleasurable. We also wish to see our planet home get well and hopefully offer a renewed peaceful Eden to future generations. How we grow our food and treat our gardens and farms is the major factor bearing on the status of both our present and future world and our quality of living. The state of deteriorating food quality and health conditions we see daily, all around us, drives that point home for ever more thousands of people. It’s hard to be happy and joyous when we are sick and living in sick surroundings. That situation can be changed, starting from the renewal of soil health. There is no sounder footing for solid progress. As our 2007 Environmental Excellence Award states, we are building human and environmental health from the ground up. 

Black Lake Organic comes out of a long history of experience and studied wisdom in all these areas, coupled with a sense of public service, environmental responsibility, and a reservoir of practical information, as well as an educational mission to better people’s understanding of how best to grow the highest quality plants and food crops. Beyond that, we are intent on advising on the selection of authentically nutritious food with the aim of upgrading human health, life quality and vibrant longevity world-wide. Doing this part right will greatly cut into all the things presently going wrong. 

We at BLO have some key “secrets” or uncommon insights into what it takes to successfully grow plants possessing the highest resistance to diseases and insects and a low failure rate while also imparting the highest taste and nourishment value. It goes without saying that we do this in an environmentally compatible and responsible manner that respects all life. 

Gaining that insight calls for a journey of new thinking, of unlearning misinformation and misconceptions and exchanging perspectives. Black Lake Organic can serve as a guide in that learning and conversion process. Likewise, the entire membership as a community is able to participate through interactive forums and feedback that helps to refine our powerful message and prescribed methods and materials.  It is well to point out again that BLO started out 30 over years ago (1980) when organic gardening was almost unknown to the general public and organic gardeners were still regarded as kooks. We were around long before “organics” was in vogue and before any certification rules were thought of.

More importantly, however, we have taken organic growing to a whole new and indispensable dimension with our “best of both worlds” concept embodied in the descriptive term of Mineral-Augmented Organics.  There is a whole world out there desperately in need of this concept and all its ramifications for people and the planet, yet they are completely unaware that it is the major key to making so many quantum improvements. This is applied ecology in constructive action. 

Knowledge is a key component in gardening and farming. A major objective of BLO is to search out solid information, condense and then disseminate it in understandable and manageable dosages; thus we endeavor to provide seasonal, annual and on-going gardening guidance. The same applies to personal nutrition information and knowledge, about which there is overall confusion and bad advice in every quarter. We make sense of the subject. 

All of us in the BLO Community have things to teach each other. The major way in which our vital messages and influences on behavior and habits (and otherwise on bettering the world) is to advance our common knowledge and spread it around. We see the BLO Community network as an important means of broadcasting this critical knowledge in ever-widening waves. At Black Lake Organic we have a motto, which is “Do it Right”. Doing it right is not at all hard and it pays handsome dividends.  That, too, is something that sometimes needs to be learned.  

In terms of specific benefits, subscribing community members receive timely information; but a big part of the value comes from sharing experiences of the fun and rewards of gardening and just the fun of comradery that we certainly feel here at the store/nursery and know to be infectious for spreading out into cyberspace and to those members who join our community from all over the globe. 

What we can almost guarantee is that all who experiment with our products and with mineralized organic methods are bound to know gardening success. The hundreds of testimonials from pleased and excited customers assures us this is undeniably true. Those who already have or will gain confidence from the successes they experience then become agents for improving other people’s lives and health and thereby also grow our Community. Thank you for joining with us and welcome aboard. 

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