Cancer Communiques

by Gary Kline

Responses to my recent article, “Cancer - - - Everybody’s Getting It”, are surprising, given its 15-page length, but not surprising considering the 1,800 plus potential readers on the BLO address list and how many people likely have had their lives impacted by this grievous, degenerative disease.  Each of their stories is riveting and stoic in nature, but also generally resolute and hopeful.

I want to report on those stories because they are actual, real experiences which may give beneficial information, insight or inspiration to others already afflicted or wanting to know what they might do to avoid getting cancer or measures they possibly could undertake if it should strike in the future. 

I would like to think my article is helpful to individuals, but also contributes more generally to our understanding of how cancer can come about and how our society might take meaningful measures to address the problem at its root.  I feel quite sure that I have called attention to a major contributing factor that is largely unrecognized.

I’ve been given permission to relay the stories I’ve chosen to present in this follow-up article, and though I could give the person’s name, I’ve elected to give only first names and last name initial so as not to intrude or bring more attention than any of them anticipated getting.

I want to start with a short email from William P. and my answer to his questions:

“Gary, great read!  I have bought your Medicine Man soil and the Sea-Crop supplement and have grown some real tasty tomatoes and mmj.  I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and am under the care of a host of NDs and they are all in agreement with what your article states, although the MDs that I see are of the opinion that surgery, radiation and/or chemo are the only viable treatments.  I am on an organic juice and veggie diet, but I am concerned that even organics don’t have all the vital nutrients in them.  What about taking the Sea-Crop orally to increase the trace elements in my body?  Do you have an opinion on that?  Thanks, Bill”

I responded: 

Hello Bill,

Great to get your email letter.  If I keep the name confidential, would you allow me to put it in a future article or bulletin?

I certainly agree that “organic” alone is not enough!  In fact, that has been my major campaign for the past decade and why I coined the term and concept of mineral-augmented organics.

Sea-Crop is not registered for human consumption, nor is the Pacific Ocean.  It [Sea-Crop] is, after all, a [mostly] de-watered ocean water extract.  Although it is not approved for human consumption, I know of people who do drink it at about one tablespoon per glass of drinking water followed by another glass to rinse down the salty taste.  Good luck on your prostate treatment. 


I had commented briefly about the Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear disasters with the obvious implications for radiation-induced cancer.  I received an email from Bryan K. in Bellingham in which he told me about the sad pollution story in the Great Salt Lake Basin.  I had touched on Salt Lake in my article; however, I will leave out Bryan’s references to Salt Lake, except to mention that the area’s pollution was part of why he moved to Bellingham.

“Hi Gary,

Thanks for the incredible article.  My wife and I are working hard on getting our own property up here in Skagit/Whatcom County and will definitely be contacting you when we get a soil test.  - - - [We] moved back to Western Washington due to the terrible air quality and pollution of the Salt Lake area.  Now we are dealing with the increased radioactivity in the ocean and its inhabitants!

What is your take on the radioactivity of Pacific salmon and other critters (oysters, seaweeds, etc.)?  Pacific fish oil used to be a trusted and essential nutritional addition to our diets – now we’re feeling forced to contemplate weighing the benefits of ocean foods against the potential industrial threats.  Thanks for the conversation and information!  Bryan K.”

Hello Bryan,

Great to hear from you and get the sad news about pollution in the Great Salt Lake Basin.

I don’t have any authoritative information about the kinds and levels of radioactivity in the Pacific or in various fish species, etc.  If I had to choose, I would choose staying where you are.  Check my previous articles.  There is a solution, which is intermittent cleansing using activated charcoal. 

                                                                                                                           Gary Kline

I received an email from a woman who had uterine (?) cancer at a young age and had surgery.  Much later she had a lump in her breast which was removed by surgery and apparently completely removed, but she was advised to take a certain daily pill for five years and was being steered to radiation treatment, but decided against both.  Instead, she went to a naturopath specializing in oncology.  She was given lots of herbal supplements, including Turkey Tail mushroom and the herb turmeric.  She presumably is doing well on those treatments.

In fairness, I know of another woman who had ovarian cancer and started out on the Gerson Therapy protocol, but then opted to do surgery and chemotherapy.  Those treatments are just ending and the happy result is that she is reported to be cancer-free.  We don’t know to what extent the Gerson protocol contributed to this welcome outcome.  In any case, I am of the impression that none of the conventional practices (surgery, radiation, drugs and chemotherapy) have a particularly impressive track record.  The statistics on cancer don’t seem to have changed much.

My cancer article dealt chiefly with the soil fertility (especially minerals) connection to health and disease in particular reference to cancer, its prevention, causes and cures.  A big oversight was not mentioning the role of mushrooms in those functions.  Much astounding work has been done by our neighbor, Paul Stamets, founder of Fungi Perfecti.  A short treatise, replete with scientific references is Paul’s 2002 book, MycoMedicinals: An Informational Treatise on Mushrooms.  I consider Paul to be the most important person on the planet.  Read his (2005) Mycellium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World, and you will know why.

Another weapon against cancer, which is discussed briefly in my earlier article, is bioxidative therapy.  Again, this is an amazing alternative weapon for fighting cancer (and many other maladies) about which the public knows next to nothing and the medical establishment wants to be sure it stays that way.  I’m sure that when they read about it in my article, most people were very skeptical about its safety and efficacy.

I plan to do a thorough write-up on Bioxidative Therapy, in particular oral ingestion of hydrogen peroxide (in carefully regulated doses), but only after I experience its application myself.  Meanwhile, I want to present the stunning and totally convincing testimony I’ve received on oxidation therapy (and other treatment modes) from Catherine W. in regard to her own battle with cancer and that of her relatives.  I don’t know how, after reading her email account, you could not be convinced that this is an amazing and simple remedy.  You have to wonder how many lives might have been saved, and suffering alleviated, if only people had all this information previously on alternatives for cancer prevention and treatment. 

“Hi Gary-

I called both my sister and father today to have them tell their experiences again to me regarding H202 therapy (and also the other OXIDATIVE therapies they have been treated with). Our family definitely has some history/experience with these and I could write much more today but in the interest of time I will try to be brief.

My sister within the last couple of years was catching a viral flu one right after the other, accompanied sometimes with very painful sinus infections and then also re-occurrences of herpes over and over again. She was given the usual treatments of zinc and lysine along with other supplements for adrenal support. When she came down with shingles, her physician decided to administer a hydrogen peroxide drip which very quickly turned things around. She has had several since and never gotten into the health troubles again that she was experiencing then.

Her husband has been an asthmatic for decades and been on prednisone and inhalers for many years. Recently he decided to go to a new respiratory specialist who also ordered a Hydrogen Peroxide drip for him in combination with using GLUTATHIONE in his inhaler and has been able to come completely for the first time in many years off of the steroids. (He had a bit of a relapse over the Thanksgiving Holidays after the consumption of lots of wheat and sugar, which is something he knows seriously affects the inflammatory response in his body).

As for my father, several years ago he came down with a very severe case of walking pneumonia, that no drugs were helping. He has a doctor that was a conventional MD for 30 years then became a preventative physician. This doctor put my father on a H202 drip which turned him around immediately.

My father also 15 years ago was diagnosed with colon cancer. He had surgery to remove the polyps and then was told he needed to do chemotherapy and radiation, which he refused. I suggested he go to the Optimum Health Institute in California which he did for several weeks with another friend who also had stomach cancer. They went on a juice fasting, raw food cleansing diet AND (at my suggestion) went into Mexico and both received several rounds of OZONE injections. When they returned both of their doctors confirmed that they were cancer free.  As for me, I have now received many OXIDATIVE therapy injections and IV drips in an attempt to support my healing from breast cancer. Those would include Vit C drips, Meyer's cocktail, UV blood treatment, glutathione injections, Vit D injections, ozone injections, hyperbaric oxygen, to name a few.

I'm sure you understand now from your reading about Dr. Otto Warburg and his contribution to the alternative world's understanding of what causes cancer. You might be interested in listening to some of the lectures given [at] last years Hippocrates Health Institute during the 'Food Is Medicine' Conference which you can live stream on the computer. The keynote speaker was Dr. Maharaj who is the foremost authority in this country on stem cells. If I understand correctly he is the only physician that the FDA has allowed to both extract a persons stem cells, grow them and then re-inject them. (Other doctors working with stem cell therapy have to extract the stem cells and have their patients take them into Mexico to re-inject them. Though that may be changing because my neighbor knows of someone now getting stem cell therapy at a hospital in Oregon. It may be that the FDA is now allowing it in cases of very advanced stage 4 cancers...I'm not sure) Anyway, Dr. Maharaj is a strong proponent of a plant based diet for healing from cancer because from his research he sees that a person on that sort of diet can create healthy stem cells which is how one turns cancer around. This is a huge subject and in the interest of time I will leave it at that, but I'll just say the more I know, the less I know. I have had a personal passion for researching/educated myself about treatments for cancer for many years which now though ironic, will hopefully help me save my life.  I have accumulated much information on alternative means of treating cancer if you would like me to share more at some time.

Take care, Caty W.”

On another matter, in my cancer article I mentioned that Dr. Albrecht advised against ingesting Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate).  Here’s the reference for that in the 1975 and 2005 edition (p. 148) of his original 1958 book, Soil Fertility and Animal Health, Vol. 2 of The Albrecht Papers:

“For about 25 years I’ve worked on this Epsom salts business.  Frequently, after a hernia is repaired, bowels won’t move past that hernia.  So they give Epsom salts.  And, if they check, they’ll see that urine is throwing the protein out of the blood.  Protein is wasted because the Epsom salts ruin the membrane in kidneys and keep them from doing their normal work.  When you take Epsom salts, that salt replaces the calcium in the wall of your intestines and it throws [out] everything it can because that membrane is no longer normal.  It just throws everything from the bloodstream till it flushes it and can go back to your bones to get some [replacement] calcium to rebuild intestine walls.”

Someday I would like to write a book on the wisdom of William A. Albrecht.


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