Liquids, Inoculants and Pest controls
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Product Name
 TypeNPK Size
Fish Emulsion Pacific GroLiquid Fertilizer2-1-0.31Gal/$17
BlackStrap MolassesLiquid Fertilizer 1Gal/$11, 3.5Gal $18.25
Sea-Crop Liquid Fertilizer
 1Qt/$29, 1Gal/$49, 2.5Gal/$99, 5Gal/$150 
Age-Old GrowLiquid Fertilizer12-6-61Gal/$45 
Age-Old Bloom Liquid Fertilizer5-10-5 1Gal/$45
Worm Tea Wiser Worm Farm 
Liquid Fertilizer
 1Qt/$, 1Gal/$25 
EM-1Microbial Inoculant 1Qt/$34 
Agricultural Vinegar (30%) Herbicide  1Gal/$25, 3.5Gal/$70 
Neem oil Dyna-Grow Pesticide  8oz/$15 
Endo/Ecto Mycorrhizae Blend Fungal inoculant  1Lb/$15.50, 5Lb/$68.25, 10Lb/$119.50 

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