Medicine Man Organics

Medicine Man Organics

Superior Soil-less Potting Media

Just add water

Medicine Man Soil-Less Potting Mix

10 gals.


Media Nutrient Charge

1 gal.


 Indoor and Outdoor Growing

Loaded with Organic Fertilizers

Guanos and Worm Castings

Mycorrhizae and Helpful Bacteria

Fully Mineral Balanced

Blended by Black Lake Organic Nursery

Over 39 years of research and development

Just add water --- Stand Back!

Medicine Man Organics’ Superior Soil-less Potting Media is a complete, ready-to-go, organic media developed with the highest quality materials especially for indoor container growing. It contains over 20 natural ingredients including the full array of nutrients that plants need for robust and healthy growth.

Over 35 years experience and research went into developing this perfect combination of ingredients. Our premium base media is formulated to permit optimum aeration and be self-draining, yet retain proper levels of moisture and nutrients while fostering ease of root penetration. Contained in the fertilizing component is every known plant, animal and human nutrient element on the planet.

All the organic and mineral nutrients are supplied in complete and balanced array with both fast and slow release forms capable of feeding your plants from germination or insertion in the media to harvest without any further addition of fertilizers.

Just add water. That’s it! No muss, no fuss, no measuring, no fidgeting, no worries. The nutrients are continuously available to feed your plants whenever needed. Under these conditions and suitable environmental conditions of light, temperature and humidity, your happy plant will know what to do on its own. Relax and let the plant do its thing, naturally.

When it comes time to refresh the soil, you may add just the Medicine Man Organics Media Nutrient Charge and also fertilize  with the Super Worm Tea Potion, should your plants need an extra boost.
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