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Black Lake Organic’s Garden Anouncements are written by BLO’s owner Gary Kline and are filled with valuable gardening information. They are sent out sporadically by email. To receive the Garden Announcement subscribe on-line or at the store.

The newsletters provide incredibly useful information pertaining to gardening activities, changes at the store, and new products and offerings. But most importantly they provide insight into the connection between soil fertility and the resulting beneficial health & nutrition effect for humans, animals and plants.

Black Lake Organic is committed to providing the general public with educational resources to promote healthy living…“As an educational organization, we are dedicated to empowering people to reverse the tragic effects of the modern diet.”

Where we Got Started

Black Lake Organic, or B.L.O., for short, began in the owner’s garage in 1980 as a part-time and seasonal operation selling organic fertilizers and cover crop seeds. We moved into the present store in 1983 and about ten years later began full-time, year-round operation. Today we are the only full-line, all organic gardening store and in the South Puget Sound area. Our Success is due largely to the strong interest in environmentally protective and nutritionally healthy gardening on the part of people in our local communities.

Black Lake Organic Garden Store

4711 Black Lake Blvd. SW
Olympia, WA. 98512

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