Organic Worm Castings  
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1 Gallon $7.50

Bulk Pricing Available Call for Quote

10 Gallon $55

Worm Castings Nature's Perfect Plant Food 
There are no filler in this product, it's just pure castings. 
Directions: Mix up 10 to 20% by volume into your garden soil or potting mix. Gently work into your garden soil surface. Mix throughout potting mix.

Organic Guanos

N-P-K Description  50 lb  25lb  10 lb  5 lb  Remarks
0-7-0 Hi Phosphate Bat 52.75 27.50 12.50 7.00 Avoid Breathing Dust, Very Soluble.
Not available in 50 lbs only 55 lbs  
Hi Phosphate Bat 50.75 26.50 12.00  6.75 Avoid Breathing Dust, Very Soluble.
Not available in 50 lbs only 55 lbs
Hi Nitrogen  47.75  31.00 14.00 7.75 Avoid Breathing Dust, Very Soluble. 
Not available in 50 lbs only 44 lbs

We use US Postal Service Flat Rate Shipping to ANYWHERE in the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii and U.S. possessions and territories. We have a handling fee of $5.00 per box (or envelope).


How much does it hold?

Shipping Cost

Padded Envelope

Around 5 pounds


Medium Box

Around 15 pounds


Large Box

Around 25 pounds


NOTE: Shipping is by VOLUME not weight, so rough estimates are given on how much the containers hold.  Low density products, such as alfalfa meal, blood meal or diatomaceous earth may take up additional space.

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