Practical Applications of Black Lake Organic Products

Better living, greater health, tastier foods - - - these are among the top goals of more and more people seeking greater independence and self-reliance, away from industrially-produced, over-processed and unsafe foods. 

From a practical standpoint, people want to know how to care for their soil to get the most nutritious food and how to produce a greater percentage of their own flavor-packed food for as much of the year as possible.

Such objectives have long been the focus of Black Lake Organic, and we see ourselves as being on the cutting edge of learning and developing the methods, innovations and products for getting people there. 

Everything begins with the soil and its fertility.  Without having all the necessary nutrients, which means a full array of minerals, as well as adequate organic matter, in the right proportions, we cannot grow healthy food; and without eating plenty of nutrient-dense vegetables, fruits and animal products, we can’t expect to live robust and long lives.  Furthermore, the nutritional content of most purchased foods has dropped dramatically in just the past few decades. 

For over 32 years, Black Lake Organic (BLO) has offered a full selection of fertilizing materials used in conventional organic gardening and farming.  For around 20 years, we have offered the 10 BLOOM Complete and Mineral-Balanced Organic Fertilizer Blends that are based on an original recipe publicized by Steve Solomon, founder of Territorial Seed Company.  Our BLOOM fertilizers are very popular and have helped thousands of organic growers to achieve outstanding results. 

More recently, BLO has developed advanced additions to conventional organic products in the form of our BLOSSOM Products line, also produced at BLO.  Increasingly, these products will incorporate biochar, sea mineral extracts, helpful microbes, and a number of marine byproducts, thus taking our Mineral-Augmented Organics concept to the next level of environmental compatibility and sustainability.  This is on top of delivering the essential elements for nutrient-dense food production. 

Two different approaches can be taken for proper, assured treatment of one’s garden, orchard, pasture, or other soil.  The most precise (and often most cost-effective) approach is to get a professional soil test and analysis that tells you exactly which products you need to apply, and how much, for fully balancing the mineral nutrients.  BLO offers soil testing services.

The second, less-accurate, but satisfactory, approach is to use a general blend containing all the likely needed nutrients, but not in the specific proportions and quantities suited to your particular site.  Directions for applying those products will be given on the product package or instruction sheets.  Yet another approach is to purchase the separate fertilizer ingredients and make your own blend from some published recipe or your own research into soil fertility needs. 

As for what to plant and when, in our Cascadia (a.k.a. Maritime Northwest) region, you can be guided by a recent edition of the books written by Steve Solomon.  You can also be guided by Territorial Seed Company’s Spring and Winter Catalogs that are jam-packed with instructions.  Another handy guide with quick-reference charts and month-to-month tips is the South Sound Food Gardener’s Calendar written by Gary Kline, owner of Black Lake Organic, and published in early spring.  For additional information and assistance, please go to the BLO website  Happy, healthful gardening. 


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