Seawater contains 89 elements plus many compound minerals. It has been estimated that seawater contains over 50,000 different organic substances in the form of fulvic acid.

The rivers of the world dump billions of tons of minerals into the oceans each year and have for eons. Seafloor springs and volcanic eruptions have also added billions of tons of elements. Additionally seawater is a soup of active organic substances.

Many gallons of seawater are processed to produce a single gallon of SEA-CROP concentrate.
A gallon of concentrate makes 100 gallons of SEA-CROP ready for application.

Leaves and raspberries from ordinary raspberry plant on left and SEA-CROPplant on right.

The 6 berries from the treated plant weighed 20.66 gm and the 6 berries from the control weighed 8.53 gm.

SEA-CROP is a catalytic trigger that releases nature's energy to give the full benefit of soil microflora symbiosis.

What Are Soil Microflora?
Microflora or microbiota refers to the smallest soil organisms, including fungi and algae. The beneficial fungi and bacteria that are native and adapted to your soil are stimulated to grow and reproduce abundantly, rapidly giving all of the well documented benefits of microflora symbiosis. 

Benefits include:

  • Improved nutrient and water uptake
  • Improved root growth
  • Improved plant growth and yield
  • Reduced transplant shock
  • Reduced drought stress

Plus Greatly Improved Flavor! 
Microflora also improve soil structure by producing humic compounds and organic "glues" (extracellular polysaccharides) that bind soils into aggregates and improve soil porosity. Soil porosity and soil structure positively influence the growth of plants by promoting aeration, water movement into soil, root growth and distribution.

The apple on the left tasted like cardboard compared to the one on the right.

SEA-CROP is an extension of the life's work of pioneer scientist Dr. Maynard Murray.
His ground-breaking book "Sea Energy Agriculture" is well known and loved by many. 

Over a century of well documented research has shown that seawater can have profound effects on both plant and animal life as long as sodium chloride is not over-applied.

In the late nineteenth century Dr. Rene Quinton did experiments showing that seawater could be used to replace blood in animals and he went on to develop a seawater extract that was used for transfusions in place of blood plasma during World War One.

During the twentieth century Dr. Maynard Murray spent decades doing agricultural research with both plants and animals to demonstrate the many benefits that can be obtained by using both seawater and seawater concentrates.
In the twenty-first century Ambrosia Technology, LLC has continued research based on the work of these pioneers and has developed the product Sea-Crop. Sea-Crop is a concentrate that contains all of the wonderful goodness of seawater in concentrated form but with the sodium chloride 95% reduced.
It is believed that the 89 elements in seawater working together with its contained organic content are responsible for its well documented positive effects. 


For thousands of years mankind has utilized the minerals and vegetable products of the oceans for both food and fertilizer.

The two SEA-CROP treated plums on the left had been fully ripe for a week on 9/03/2006. 
They weighed a total of 172.1 grams.
The two untreated plums on the right were about a week from being fully ripe on 9/03/2006. 
They weighed a total of 68.9 grams.

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