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Premium Organic Fertilizers and Potting mixes. We design our products so completely that you just have to add water and plants thrive. All thumbs will be green.

Organic Fertilizer Mixes
Organic Potting Mixes
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Cascadia Gold™ Fertilizer Mix Designed by Black Lake Organic and Steve Solomon author of "The Intelligent Gardener: Growing Nutrient Dense Food" and many other gardening books. 

Cascadia Gold
Steve Solomon Fertilizer Blend

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The Health-Soil connection is the heart of our education information content. Learning Center Application of this knowledge is ongoing. Benefit from BLO's 39 years of advanced agricultural expertise.

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Nutrient Mixing for your custom formulations or soil test. With over 40 individual Organic fertilizer ingredients. Animal Meals, Plant Meals, Earth Ores, Rock Minerals, pH Amenders, Bat Guano's and Castings

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